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Job Interviews – 10 Top Dos and Don’ts

Posted by | 18 October, 2014 | Career Advice

Bali Job interview dos and donts

Over the years we’ve interviewed countless people to help build our business. Whilst we don’t expect those coming to an interview to be very familiar with our business we do nonetheless expect a certain degree of common sense to displayed. This is especially true of new graduates. Unfortunately the university studies does not include job searching or interviewing. With that in mind, below are some heartfelt suggestions that will give employers the right impression and place you above the crowd.

Good luck.

Don’t: Be late. (Yes, traffic is bad but do you really want to work?)
Do: Arrive fifteen minutes early and treat everyone you meet with respect.

Don’t: Answer your handphone during the interview. This is both rude and annoying.
Do: Put your handphone on airplane mode before beginning the interview.

Don’t: Assume the interviewer has read your CV or has a copy. There are many applicants and many CVs.
Do: Have copies of your CV and be ready to walk them through your education and work experience.

Don’t: Apply for just any job.
Do: Be focused, apply for a position that you have experience or for which you have a passion.

Don’t: Say anything bad about a previous employer. Companies will assume you will do the same towards them.
Do: Mention the positive experiences and what you’ve learned working at your previous employeer.

Don’t: Over dress or under dress.
Do: Some homework. If you know the company visit beforehand and see the dress culture. If not dress conservatively for an office – not for a day out on the beach or night out clubbing.

Don’t: Read your CV when responding to questions.
Do: Explain why you are interested and how you qualified for a specific role. Remember, the company is hiring you to help solve a problem.

Don’t: Don’t slouch.
Do: Sit up straight be attentive, even if waiting alone in a room – you never know when the interviewer will appear.

Don’t: Ask about salary or benefits unless you’ve been offered the position.
Do: Come prepared with 5 or 6 questions that can be asked of any office, hotel or restaurant. Ask questions that show interest in the company and learn more about your chances for professional development.

Don’t: Forget to ask each interviewer for his/her business card.
Do: Send a short thank-you email to each interviewer you meet.

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