FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I post a job in another language i.e. Spanish or Russian?

No. BaliJobs.com only allows job listings in English and Bahasa Indonesia. We require to understand the nature of the job listing. If we can not understand the language we will not approve the posting.

2. I registered but did not receive a password. Why?

First, if you are using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoomail or other similar email service, please check your junk / spam mail folder for our email. If it’s there make sure to approve it – this will move it to your inbox and whitelist subsequent BaliJobs.com emails. If however it’s not there, click here to send us an email and we’ll check your registration and send you a password.

3. Can I change my email address, user name and/or password?

You may change your email address and or password. You can not change your username, so choose a user name you will be happy with over the long term. Be aware that there is a difference between username and display name. For display names companies should use their company name and individuals should use their actual first name and last name to be taken seriously. In the ‘Your Dashboard’ area just click on edit profile menu on right side page below. After your edit your profile click on button below ‘update profile’.

4. How much does it cost to advertise on BaliJobs.com?

Once you register and decide to post a vacancy, you will be presented with a various packages including a Free Trial. Details are as follows:

  • We offer a Free Trial with 3 job postings. You may post 3 positions one time (or 1 position 3 times etc) for two weeks. After the three postings have been used up there are a variety of paid ad packages. One position per post.
  • Personal: Suitable for households. One position posted for 21 days. Cost is Rp. 65,000.-
  • Professional: Suitable for small companies. 5 Job Postings, each post for 21 days. Cost is Rp. 250,000.- > (Rp. 50,000/post)
  • Executive: Geared towards medium-large companies and hotels. 15 Job Postings, each post for 21 days. Cost is Rp. 600,000.- > (Rp. 40,000/post)
  • Recruiter: Ideal for large companies or new hotels/businesses just starting to hire. 25 Job Postings, each post for 21 days. Cost is Rp. 750,000.- > (Rp. 40,000/post)

5. How do I submit a job?

Step 1 > After you register and are logged-in click on ‘Submit a Job’ and you will be given a page with several fields to fill in (see image) below. These fields are self explanatory, however a couple hints and tips:

  • Use your real company’s name. This will appear on when the job is live on line.
  • Optimal size for your company logo is 250px width x 190px height at 72px/inch. If you are a private person and the posting is for household staff and you have a favourite image you may use it, otherwise leave blank and we will add an image.
  • Be sure to fill in the ‘Tags’ field. This will help employees and other search and find your post.
  • With each text box there are two tabs “Visual’ and ‘Text’. Visual is a ‘WYSIWYG’ text editor similar to MS Word document while Text is an html code editor. If you have no experience with html code, use the Visual editor.


Step 2. Preview your posting. Once done review click ‘Next’ to pay for the ad (or use the free trial).

BaliJobs.com how to review job posting tutorial

BaliJobs.com how to review job posting tutorial

Step 3. Choose your ad package. If this is your first time posting a job we provide a FREE trial for three ads (or one ad posted three times, etc.). Choose this option. If you have already used your Free trial then select what ever option offers the best the value for the number of ads you plan on posting. Be aware that all packages have a set limited time period and if are not used within that period of time the ad package will expire. There are no refunds for unused ads.

6. Can I pay for an ad package with a credit card?

No, packages can only be paid with bank transfer to the account displayed on payment page.

7. How long do I have to wait for my listing to appear after I transfer the money?

Usually only a few minutes during the office hours. We can activate an advertisement/post as soon as we know the money is in our account. Verification willed be delayed however if we cannot track your payment – it is very important to include our order id code on the transfer/atm instructions.

8. We don’t see our job listing on the website why…?

First, refer to question #6 above. All job listings are moderated and BaliJobs.com reserves the right to modify any job listing for appearance and/or adherence to guidelines.

9. Can I put more than one job position/category on the one post listing?

No. Only One job listing per job position/vacancy is allowed. As an example; a new restaurant needs wait staff and cooks. That would be two different positions, two postings.

10. How do you promote/advertising the job listing?

We promote three ways – on Facebook, Twitter and from time to time in various print classifieds. That said employers and recruiters also get quite a bit of free promotion. We highlight different companies in our ‘Featured Recruiter’ area in the righthand sidebar. Clicking on one of these company logos will take you to that company’s website. The more a company advertises the greater the chance we will highlight them.

11. When job position / vacancy has been filled, what do I do?

In ‘Your Dashboard’ area just click ‘ended’ the job for the job listing and the job listing will no longer appear.

12. I made a mistake on the job listing, can I change it?

Yes. You can edit any part of your job listing from ‘Your Dashboard’ area. Just open the file, make your revisions and save it. However be advised that any changes made will not appear until the changes have again been reviewed and approved.

Be aware that changing the job title, description or otherwise making a second advertisement for a different job will not be approved.

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